Environmental protection is not only a challenge faced by politics and the economy. Innovative strategies to enhance sustainability are vital, yet they are also of individual concern. This does not necessarily mean big adjustments. In fact, little measures like the conscious decision on what we buy and what not can have a meaningful impact.
When children play, it is their way to be curious, to discover, and to understand. They have a natural urge to develop further, to explore and conceive the world around them. A continuous and individual learning process evolves, from crawling over sitting until their first independent steps.

A maximum of creativity

To place one toy bloc on top of another requires attentiveness. Constructions might be a bit skewed at times but still seem to hold. After a while, little hands have built a magnificent castle.

The favourable manifoldness of cork

We use cork because of its almost infinite list of advantages. When playing with the finished toy blocs there are numerous characteristics increasing the fun experience, ensuring safety, and those characteristics that contribute to a more sustainable environment. Thus, it is self-evident that we have chosen this manifold material to produce our toy blocs.
What makes a perfect toy? Of course, it should be fun! For children, this is without doubt their number one priority. Yet from a parent’s point of view, this is not the only factor in the decision-making process as there are also other important aspects.