Korxx Blocks

Korxx Blocks

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Last year I bought a set of Korxx blocks for the girls on a whim and because I loved them so much, I bought them as gifts for friends and family. So I was pretty excited to collaborate with Korxx for this post and the chance to explore more of their eco building block options. If you are located in the USA, Korxx blocks can be purchased through Kodo Kids. Want to see why we are so in love with our Korxx blocks, keep reading (spoiler alert: science can be easily built into this block play).

A little background

Korxx blocks are 100% sustainable, contain no poisons, and free of any pollutants. They have been tested and proven safe for children under the age of 3 in the USA, EU, and Japan. Let's just say, Korxx natural cork blocks are some of our favorite blocks, and let me tell you why... they float!!


Activities with Korxx

Because they float, you get all the benefits of traditional wood blocks AND some extra science benefits. They make the perfect little blocks for a water sensory table, exploring sinking and floating (science), and even working on balancing (engineering). They are also great for creating two dimensional and three dimensional creations (art & engineering), but when those tall towers inevitably fall, you won’t hardly hear a thing. And let’s not forget about all the math concepts blocks help build: shape recognition, part and whole, big and small, and patterns. Talk about some serious critical thinking stimulation.

Water sensory

Concepts: basic science concept, critical thinking, sensory stimulation

Like I said, these blocks float, so just toss them in water and get exploring. Add in other items and determine what sinks and what floats. Then use the Korxx blocks as boats and see how much weight it takes to "sink the boat". Just make sure the blocks are completely dry before tossing them back in the blocks box.

Structure building

Concepts: basic engineering concepts, critical thinking, eye hand coordination

Like your traditional wood blocks, Korxx can be used to build structures. However, unlike traditional wood blocks, there is more friction which makes balancing round shapes on top of other round shapes a whole lot more exciting. And because they are soft and lightweight, I'm not worried about my wood floor being damaged when they fall.


Concepts: basic math concepts, one to one counting, critical thinking

There are so many opportunities to use the Korxx blocks for building math concepts. Let's start with something as simple as shape recognition and sorting by attributes. We used our shapes flashcards to name and sort the blocks by shape. We played with AB and ABB patterns using colored and natural Korxx. We practiced creating a rectangle with different size blocks. The girls are too young to begin actually discussing fractions, but we were able to start using terms like part and whole. Blocks and math just go together and the possibilities are endless.

One last set of blocks I want to cover... spheres! Okay so, this set I was most excited about, because, well floating orbs just sounds amazing, but also the potential of these Korxx spheres is huge! Let me just list off a few ideas: sorting small to big and using terminology like biggest and smallest, exploring circumference, balancing spheres (an obvious favorite), and creating ramps and exploring basic physics concepts.

written by: Tinyn3rds


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