Geo-Set 4

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The small Geo Set introduces the world of cork blocks and contains 4 natural building blocks in... more
Product information "Geo-Set 4"

The small Geo Set introduces the world of cork blocks and contains 4 natural building blocks in geometric shapes. The blocks have bevelled edges and sanded surfaces and are suitable for children from the age of one.


• 1 cube (4 x 4 x 4 cm)
• 1 triangle (4 x 4 x 4 cm)
• 1 coloum (4 x 4 cm) 
• 1 sphere (5 cm)

KORXX - Building with cork

Light, soft, quiet and stable: these are the minimalist building blocks from KORXX. They are made of 100% pressed cork granulate, which is produced from renewable woods in a sustainable forestry. Thanks to the special surface, the blocks adhere excellently to each other and thus enable stable constructions without slipping. The free creation of structures promotes creativity and imagination and creates self-confidence through a positive sense of achievement. The KORXX building blocks are anti-allergenic and have a lower risk of injury due to their weight, so that even the youngest children from the age of two can play with them.


All KORXX building blocks can be combined with each other; however, the bricks of the Brickle series (mini version for mobile use) as well as the Big Blocks (XL building blocks) have a different size.

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