Montessori Toys

Parents love their children and want them to grow up to be strong and happy personalities. Early childhood education is essential in this day and age. Along with choosing a daycare center and an educational philosophy, such as Montessori, parents can also decide on the toys and materials with which their children come into contact in the first years of their lives.

Safe toys kids

Child safety is a priority for parents, because it is paramount in protecting a child’s mental and physical health. Safety not only maintains a child’s health, but promotes it. For this reason, it is crucial to create a safe environment for our kids to grow up. This is nothing short of responsible parenting.

Educational toys

From early childhood up to elementary school, KORXX offers all children a great opportunity to gain valuable experience with building blocks made of a material that is very appealing to the touch. Before and during kindergarten as well in a school environment, KORXX offers extensive opportunities to deal with different shapes and to play imaginatively.
With KORXX you now have the opportunity to buy ecological bathtub toys and provide your children with play and fun that avoids plastic. KORXX relies on the sustainable, renewable material cork for all of its products. With cork as a natural material, KORXX offers a water-safe alternative as a bathtub toy. Plastic-free children's toys for the bathtub - the sustainable alternative from KORXX.
Amelie Klaffl Dipl. Waldorfpädagogin, Bildungswissenschaftlerin (BA)
Why stress reliever toys? What causes excessive pressure and stress to our children and what can we do to best overcome these challenges. Take the pressure off of our children with stress reliever toys, with less pressure to perform and more positive confirmation. A natural motivation to rediscover things and to shape them according to your ideas, that could be the way to enable our children to have a happy childhood. Learn better with stress relieving toys from KORXX!
With Korxx building blocks you are not only doing something good to your child, but also to our nature. Discover eco friendly kids toys for children! Not just with the campaign from “fridays for future” sould be aware now, that we can not continue to accept any further pollution of our planet. There is a clear need to intensively care about any aspect of consume. This includes also the aim to find eco friendly gifts for kids.

Building blocks for every child from cork

Discover building blocks made of cork for every child! These building toys for toddlers or babies are proven to be free of any pollutants and avoid plastic.
Would you like to design a plastic free children's room? We show you plastic free children toys and alternatives. Find out more now!

Creativity with giant blocks toys

Discover big blocks toys made out of cork! They are proven to be free of any harmful substances and avoid plastic. Experience sustainability that is fun!

Korxx Blocks

Last year I bought a set of Korxx blocks for the girls on a whim and because I loved them so much, I bought them as gifts for friends and family. So I was pretty excited to collaborate with Korxx for this post and the chance to explore more of their eco building block options.
Environmental protection is not only a challenge faced by politics and the economy. Innovative strategies to enhance sustainability are vital, yet they are also of individual concern. This does not necessarily mean big adjustments. In fact, little measures like the conscious decision on what we buy and what not can have a meaningful impact.
When children play, it is their way to be curious, to discover, and to understand. They have a natural urge to develop further, to explore and conceive the world around them. A continuous and individual learning process evolves, from crawling over sitting until their first independent steps.
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