Plastic free children toys in your household

We give you tips for designing a plastic free children's room with little effort. Especially in the children's room, a mountain of plastic and various non-educational toys, which are usually not played with at all, are piled up. Because most of the times the majority of children's toys are made of plastic. However, it makes sense to focus on minimalism and sustainability, especially when it comes to toys. Over the years - for babies or toddlers even weeks and months - we go through phases in which our taste and needs change constantly. For toys, this means that they usually have a short lifespan in the children's room. This is exactly why you should be more careful to buy bpa and phthalate free toys. In the following you will find a list with further points and plastic free alternatives to simply live without any plastic – particularly in the children's room.

Decorating a sustainably and plastic free children's room

When it comes to the spatial design of the children's room, the use of plastic can already be avoided or at least an attempt. Here are some examples for plastic free alternatives:

• Wall paints without microplastics

• Textiles made from natural materials

• Bpa and phthalate free toys 

• Natural wood furniture

Solvent-free wall paints not only contain no microplastic particles, they are also safe for the health of your children. A baby crib which grows with the child or a multifunctional chest of drawers that can be converted into a changing table are space-saving and practical. When buying play rugs, you should purchase a product that is free of any harmful substances and is made from only natural materials. So, you invest in a quality product and protect the environment at the same time by furnishing a sustainable and plastic-free children's room.

Plastic free alternatives to children’s toys

Animal figures are one of the most popular children's toys. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials. Especially with babies or toddlers, you should pay great attention to the material. Make sure that e.g. animal figures are non-plastic toys, as they are often liked to be put in the mouth.

Classic children’s toys such as marble run, puzzles, building blocks or dolls' houses are available in great sustainable versions. There are numerous children's toys made from natural materials such as a marble run made of wood or building blocks out of cork.

High quality and natural, non-plastic toys are not only harmless, they are also sustainable and long-lasting. With these and other plastic free alternatives, you are one step closer to a plastic free children's room.

The dangers of phthalates in toys

Toys such as balls, dolls or game pieces are often made of PVC, which is originally hard and brittle. By adding plasticizers such as phthalates, this plastic becomes elastic and soft. These plasticizers are not tied up and released again and again over time. Some phthalates have a harmful effect on individual organs such as the liver and kidneys or on the hormonal system. In addition, they can lead to allergic reactions.

There are legal limits for some harmful substances such as phthalates in toys. However, there are always toys available in the stores that exceed the legally defined limits. Therefore, do not take the risk at the expense of the health of your child or baby and rely on natural toys without plasticizers.

to recognize the dangers of plastic toys!

• Be aware of cheap no-name products made of soft plastic

• Avoid PVC, pay attention to material or ask the provider

• Pay attention to the note "phthalate-free"

• Avoid old or used plastic toys

Materials such as plastic, lead, paint and plasticizers do not belong in a healthy children's room. Please substitute to plastic free alternatives!

Plastic free living with the help of nature


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