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Safe baby toys

What does child safety actually mean...? “Safe baby toys”  describe the ideal condition that ensures that a situation, a circumstance, a person, or even an object does not pose a danger to children. It protects the life and limb of our little ones, and it is definitely the No. 1 topic for parents when it comes to their children. Parents want to be able to say: "Yes, we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our child". Safe baby toys are therefore a critical requirement to protect and maintain the physical and mental health of our children. However, it is not only crucial that we provide our children with a safe environment to play so that they can grow up as safe as possible, but also that we are responsible parents. As parents, we need the foresight to protect our kids. This is called good parenting. 

No way is too far and no price too high for parents to get the best and safest stroller that the market currently has to offer. It is the same with car seats and crib safety. Everything revolves around the safety of our children from the first day of pregnancy to the rest of parenthood. Mothers breastfeed their babies to strengthen their immune system to the maximum. Then, when the time comes, they provide healthy organic food. The highchair at the dining table is, of course, tilt-proof and wobble-proof. The cutlery is not too sharp and not too pointed, and the dishes are unbreakable. Staircases are secured by the appropriate gates, and the garden door remains closed for a long time.

The list of what parents can do for the safety of their offspring could be extended indefinitely. 

But parents are not alone with this important task. Of course, legislature has also addressed the issue for the safety of baby toys . Subsidized family support groups, government agencies, and counseling centers are regulated in the same way as the protection of minors or the strict specifications for consumer goods such as medicines, cleaning products, and hygiene products. Last but not least, there is an incredibly detailed set of rules to ensure the safety of our children, which describes the possible dangers that can arise from everyday objects or children's toys. 

Especially with children's toys, the kind of material, durability, stability, shape, size and practicality are all regulated and subject to tight legal standards. 

Last but not least, parents decide on a particular toy based on ratings by well-known test institutes. 


Kids toy safe

Children first develop an awareness of danger in adolescence. 

Excited by the new possibilities that arise from their physical development -which makes huge leaps especially in their first months- they explore the world. They turn over in their bed because they eventually can. They reach for the colorful, moving toys that hang above them because they enjoy touching and exploring objects. But the combination of new possibilities, the urge to explore, and the unclouded trust in their environment can be dangerous. Nevertheless, childhood should be light-hearted, engaging, and creative.

Children learn through play. Since their play area only gets bigger as they grow up, they need toys in their immediate environment that are appropriate for their age and abilities. 

Good parents are therefore responsible, especially in the early years, for giving their children safe toys which promote development and engage them as much as possible. But when is a toy, a safe kid toy?  In general, a toy is safe when it is not unsafe. It is a matter of identifying and eliminating possible hazards for children. A safe kid toy for very young children should therefore be made of a material that does not contain any dangerous substances and is of a size that makes it impossible to swallow or inhale. 

As children grow older, the way they play and the toys they use also change and grow. This is due to their ability to think more complexly coupled with their childlike creativity and their ever-increasing urge to move. 

Safe toys for children

One aspect of safe toys for children is becoming even more important. Namely, stability. A stable safe toy for children not only prevents the risk of injury or accidents, but also ensures carefree, sometimes years of play. 

Unfortunately, however, toy manufacturers mostly only meet the minimum requirements for safety and stability due to economic interest and enormous market pressure. Safe toys for children, which are also stable toys i.e. long-lasting toys, cannot be found just like that.

However, the Bavarian company Korxx has dedicated itself to all the criteria that are crucial for a safe toy for children. 5er-Kugel-C-frei

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