Eco friendly gifts for kids – Let children dreams come true with environmental awareness

Not just with the campaign from “fridays for future” sould be aware now, that we can not continue to accept any further pollution of our planet. There is a clear need to intensively care about any aspect of consume. This includes also the aim to find eco friendly gifts for kids. Organizations such as Bye Bye Plastic Bag are working to educate people to plastic pollution around the world and this not just in our oceans. Two young women have set up a global organization from an island in the Pacific to help to avoid plastic. Sustainable behavior in everything we do and how we live should be our the daily guide. We have to pay attention to this, especially in contact with our children. Real eco friendly toys for kids are a part of the solution to improve the environmental situation. This does not only appear to be decisive at the time of giving, but also has an effect on the children. They learn from our behavior and they will then take even better care of the environment. In addition, we protect our children from harmful substances at the same time if we avoid plastics and consciously choose sustainable gifts for children.


Eco Friendly Toys For Toddlers

To find eco friendly gifts for young kids seem to be a special challenge. These gifts in particular need to be extra safe. They also have to be easy to clean. We question whether these toys for toddlers actually stole in the brightest colors or even have to blink and screech and sound. The child should be encouraged to play with a pleasant feel and gentle color scheme. Most providers of gifts for small children traditionally rely on plastic, which is the main problem for our environment. KORXX is taking a completely new approach here. With the material KORXX cork we are able to offer an eco friendly kids toy. This is safer than wooden toys, which for example, can have a not inconsiderable force if they are thrown, and they are completely sustainable and can very well replace plastic in this area. In addition to all this, KORXX cork is especially antistatic and very easy to clean, as dirt does not adhere to it easily. KORXX cork can even be cleaned with boiling water. This and the exceptional playing characteristics make KORXX the ideal eco gift for small kids. KORXX cork is always nice and warm, soft and tactile. With it, even a toddler can learn to "grasp" and train its motor skills. Large to very large buildings can quickly be built and provide a positive feedback to the toddler and strengthen its self-confidence.

Nature Toys For Kids

If you recall any situation from last Christmas or birthday, you can imagine again how much plastic was packed and given away to presents. Whether for children or the elderly, KORXX cork offers you the alternative for a nature toy and birthday present idea. These are e.g. the nature gifts for toddlers, such as baby stacking towers or large haptic building blocks. From kids, who create interesting buildings with great skill and learn how to construct, to adults who simply want to place beautiful and aesthetic elements in their home or on the office desk. KORXX cork is the eco friendly gift idea. Sustainability at KORXX is not limited to the material KORXX cork but also explicitly to the play and learning properties of KORXX toys. They are designed and created with a high aesthetic standard. It is the aim of KORXX to offer a toy that stimulates free play that could last for many years. This is also stimulated by the minimalist design and the aesthetics and the pleasant haptic material. Get to know now the sustainable gift idea from KORXX cork toys and find the eco friendly birthday present.


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