Stress reliever toys – a way to bring more calmness in the day of your kid

Amelie Klaffl Dipl. Waldorfpädagogin, Bildungswissenschaftlerin (BA)

Why stress reliever toys? Almost everyone knows it, hardly anyone likes it: Stress. You might know the feeling that the days are too short and that we are overwhelmed by the amount of our everyday tasks. You quickly get the impression that you are just chasing after everything. This primarily plagues the adults in our fast-paced society.

But inner restlessness is no longer uncommon in children either. This is increasingly documented by child therapists and psychologists. On the one hand, this feeling is often transferred unconsciously from adults to the children. But children themselves have to deal with increasing expectations, excessive demands and a lack of time. Is it in school or in the increasingly well-organized leisure time. We are looking for ways to balance and stress reliever toys from KORXX can be a suitable solution here.

What are the symptoms by which you can identify that your child could benefit from KORXX stress reliever toys? If you notice increased irritation, poor sleep, loss of appetite, extreme displeasure or restlessness in your child, stress may be the cause. In such cases, you should definitely think about the purchase of stress reliever toys, the KORXX building blocks, in order to bring more calmness and well-being into everyday children's life.

Advantages of stress toys for kids

How can stress toys for kids be used and what are the benefits? Through appealing, reassuring and encouraging toys against stress, we give our children the opportunity to test themselves without a strong risk. The idea behind this is to enable children to face challenges with pleasure and to learn to accept possible failure.

KORXX toys against stress must be mentioned here, because with KORXX the child can make participatory experiences and gain psychological resistance (resilience). Resilience can only grow if it is not imposed on the child, but when it is formed through primary experiences. The aim of stress toys for kids is not to accept one's own weaknesses, but to develop action-competence and self-efficacy on one's own initiative and for oneself personality.

The positive aspects of stress toys for anxiety

But we can counteract the stress to which our children are often exposed: How stress toys for anxiety can work? Through the great aesthetics, the soothing appeal to the senses and the conscious perception of pleasant surface structures and colors in play. KORXX provides children with valuable sensory stimuli. The always appealing results of building with KORXX building blocks create many experiences of success. Using stress toys for anxiety with these particularly encouraging characteristics bring satisfaction and promote spiritual and mental regeneration.

How can a toy relieve stress in children?

Due to the high demand in eye-hand coordination while building with the KORXX it supports to relax and relieve the stress in children. The neuronal networks in the brain are also strongly promoted and the visuomotor skills are trained. KORXX has already helped many to relieve the stress in children in the pandemic and at home to discover new ways to play and continue to learn./p>


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