Educational toys

Children learn from the first day of their life. Parents and teachers can support this learning. Our task as parents, educators or teachers is to offer children suitable and age-appropriate educational toys that they can explore for themselves and use for their own learning experiences. Educational toys from KORXX are wonderfully suited for this, as they encourage children to play imaginatively thanks to their appealing material and simplicity. Children can use this pedagogically designed/created toy for themselves and their own individual learning experiences, tailored to their age and level of development.


Educational toys for 3 year olds

Children are explorers! Children around the age of 3 discover their environment with increasing interest and a steadily growing range. They use every opportunity to play, touch everything and want to “understand” everything - in the truest sense of the word. The educational toys for 3 year olds from KORXX help children fulfill their need for play, especially for children 3 years of age. Children are drawn to KORXX's pleasant feel and enchanting simplicity. It is precisely this simplicity that makes these blocks wonderfully suited to stimulate the imagination of children at the age of 3 while building with the blocks or playing with different animal shapes. The KORXX animals are particularly well suited to support and imaginatively accompany the role play that begins at the age of 3-4 years. The educational toys for 3 year olds also offer a very pleasant contrast to widely used toys, which are offered either in overly flashy colors, made of questionable materials or battery-operated. The toys for three-year-olds and older children, who not only grasp toys with their hands but also put them in their mouths, should be harmless and low-risk. In addition, these educational toys for 3 year olds are highly stimulating, blocks of different sizes and shapes captivate young learners. They almost invite you to stack them on top of each other and to build towers or houses with them. The many different animals are not only suitable for learning the names of animals, they also stimulate the children's imagination and can be easily used even by the youngest children


Educational toys for kids

It is precisely this universal applicability that makes both the various building blocks and the many animals exceptional educational toys for kids. The reason for this is that the KORXX educational toys for kids can be used by children in an educational and formative way as well as used specifically to promote certain skills by parents, educators or teachers. Concentration and endurance as well as coordination and motor skills can be practiced. Especially gross and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination, children aged 3 and over are becoming more and more skillful and confident. In addition, these educational toys for kids have a highly stimulating character, encourage children to play imaginatively, have a high play value and hardly set any limits. Children can use this toy independently and implement their own ideas again and again. Logical thinking and spatial imagination are also important sub-areas that make KORXX toys so educationally valuable.

Creative toys for toddler

Many different playful activities encourage children's creativity. When children can create something, it stimulates them to think, act and play creatively. Building with blocks is one of those activities. Children can use different forms to create small buildings, a tower, a city and thus experience a positive self-efficacy experience. The fewer guidelines the children receive, the less their creativity is restricted. At KORXX you will find creative toys for toddlers that leave plenty of room for creativity and imagination. As early as kindergarten age, motor skills are so well developed that buildings can be built. Language development also takes a leap at the ages 3-4 years, so the children will do more role-play. Here the toy animals can be used creatively and supportively by the children. This works very well with creative toys for toddlers from KORXX.


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