Taking over responsibility for our environment

How the cork oak can contribute to improved climate conditions

Environmental protection is not only a challenge faced by politics and the economy. Innovative strategies to enhance sustainability are vital, yet they are also of individual concern. This does not necessarily mean big adjustments. In fact, little measures like the conscious decision on what we buy and what not can have a meaningful impact.

Where does the cork that in its processed form can be found in so many children’s rooms, the one that makes KORXX’s toy blocs, actually come from? The answer is simple: from the cork oak, with its many advantages.
Instead of having to be cut down, this tree is harvested to get the cork. Firstly, the tree bark has to be removed. Afterwards, the tree does not die but becomes even more valuable with regards to our environment. The cork oak generally contributes to a stable climate by binding enormous amounts of CO2. When being barked in a regular manner, cork oaks can bind three times as much CO2 as compared to the non-barked trees.
The importance of the tree is underlined by the fact that cork oak forests worldwide bind more than 14 Million tons of CO2 per year, making almost ten percent of the CO2-emissions German transit produces.

Your contribution for a better climate

For us, the defining part of the cork oak is its bark. In order to remove it for the first time, a tree has to grow about 20 to 30 years. In addition, the whole barking process must be undertaken by hand with specific tools. Following the harvest, the tree bark regenerates itself. After nine years, the tree can be barked again to gain cork.
Hence, KORXX’s mission is not only to enable your child to play freely and without any sanitary risks. We take over responsibility for the environment at the same time. The next time you hold a KORXX-toy bloc in your hand, be aware of how nice and easy it can be to make a little contribution towards a better climate and a cleaner environment.

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