Montessori Toys

Montessori baby toys

Already for the very youngest, there is a, "Montessori baby toy " or ,, Montessori toy 1 year ". The company KORXX offers you various toys in age-appropriate sizes, such as Montessori baby toys , which will give the your little explorer joy, both in the bathtub and on the crawling blanket. Cork toys have the great advantage, especially for the very young, that they are incredibly light and easy to grip. If a little KORXX fan's whale or turtle should fall out of its hand and into its face while playing overhead, he/she will at worst get a fright, but won´t be hurt seriously. And  when the children outgrow the Montessori baby toys - the toys grow with them by simply enabling them to build larger and more complex constructions.


Best Montessori Toys

Every parent wants their children to grow up to be strong, happy, creative, and successful individuals. They make all kinds of plans about how to achieve this. Apart from their own input, it is of course a question of "Which daycare center should my child attend?" or "Is the public school system really the best? "Montessori education" seems to be one of the most valuable ways to go. This educational concept, developed by Maria Montessori in 1907, has one basic idea. "Support me to do it myself. "  In depth, Montessori education includes topics such as order, materials, creativity, art, and self-awareness with respect to, and in interaction with, a child's natural environment. 

All daycare centers should have noticed the value that natural toys hold for children and their development. 

For many years, kindergartens had toys that were as garish as possible – multicolored, noisy, and allegedly made of durable plastics. Today, educators and teachers have realized the value of natural, creative toys made of wood or cork. Natural toys can be colorful or naturally-colored. They can be almost silent and are at least as durable as plastic. Above all, they promote creativity. What is called a best Montessori toy is now available for all educational institutions. 

But what really describes the best Montessori toys ?

Life, especially in cities, is noisy, fast and full of intense, mainly man-made, external influences.

Children that grow up in such an environment perceive the world as a living space shaped and made exclusively by humans. In a very short time, they lose all connection to what they actually are. Namely nature. The daily contact with unnatural, artificially-produced materials and substances, their smells, their sounds and their haptics, suppresses the children's awareness of real nature and uproots them in a short time. And when you get right down to it, as natural beings, they feel alien and wrong in an artificial world. 

Best Montessori toys are toys that are made of natural materials, which designed to optimize joy and to reconnect children to their origins.

Montessori outdoor toys

What is this?... " Montessori outdoor toy ".  You might say: ,,Montessori outdoor toys are not found on the internet, but they are found in the garden or in the forest. They are moss, wood or leaves."  But, this article is about the material that these Montessori outdoor toys are made of, and in my opinion, the most sustainable natural material for toy production. The fact that I am writing about these Montessori outdoor toys and Montessori play materials here on the website of the KORXX company today is no coincidence. 

The company PLES GmbH is located in Bavaria and has supplied day care centers, hospitals, children's homes, schools, and children's rooms with their building blocks and play figures for many years. 

While wooden toys have experienced an enormous revival in recent years and are offered by countless companies worldwide, the PLES Gmbh is the no.1 company for cork toys worldwide. The quality of the cork toys is guaranteed with a worldwide registered brand for high quality and sustainable cork toys as KORXX.

Montessori learning toys

Due to the somewhat rougher surface of cork, it is possible to create extraordinary play scenarios from super creative and high towers to classical role-play setups. The surface of cork is slightly rough, and because of this, the blocks slightly stick to one other. Thanks to this, one can build great structures without them tumbling down, falling apart, or immediately collapsing.

With Montessori learning toys one can quickly build towers, houses, garages, or enclosures for animals with cork toys in different sizes. Due to the minimalistic, basic shapes,  children play with the large and small stones, which are classified in the category Montessori toys 1 year. The building blocks are very robust, and even after rougher use, the blocks provide years of entertainment.

For parents who like to participate in their children's play, Montessori learning toys and Montessori toys 1 year can thus quickly become Montessori toys 30 years. 

Parents can enthusiastically accompany their children in play according to the motto: "Help me to do it myself."Korkbausteine-Form-MontessoriKvmsGv4jQwhoM

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