Children's bathtub toy - the sustainable alternative from KORXX

The "Mare Plastico" turned real at home, that's how many bathtubs show up once our children want to have bathing fun. Children's toys for the bathtub are still made of plastic. On the one hand, we try to avoid plastic and also want to educate our children to be particularly aware of it. At the same time, however, we seem to be forced to buy plastic children's bathtub toys if we want to offer the little ones more fun while splashing around and bathing. This is exactly where KORXX cork toys come in. With KORXX, children's bathtub toys no longer have to be made of plastic. KORXX relies on the sustainable, renewable material cork for all of its products. Through special processing, KORXX makes cork to cork eco that is especially suitable for use as a children's toy.

Bathtub swimming toys eco - plastic free bathtub toys from KORXX

KORXX not only produces building blocks that are ecological and completely "different" when it comes to the play characteristics. With KORXX you now have the opportunity to buy bathtub swimming toys eco and give your children a water play fun that avoids plastic. You can use bathtub swimming toys ecologically with the sustainable KORXX material. With cork as a renewable and natural material, KORXX offers a water-safe alternative as a bathtub swimming toy eco. KORXX remains a natural product that wants to be treated in the same way.

What water toys for kids to bring in the bathtub?

Is there a need for educational water toys for kids? Oh dear... we stick to the fun of playing and the fun of letting off steam creatively. With KORXX, play fun comes along in the water that simply unconsciously encourages our children to play naturally. With natural materials we also avoid that dangerous substances can get into the water, which I absolutely want to keep away from my child. Since cork is a natural product, it must be handled with more care and attention than an infinitely durable plastic product. Our children learn in dealing with a natural product also a whole new mindfulness with and for our nature. So… avoid plastic water toys for kids!. 

Plastic baby alive bathtub toy - There is no longer a need for.

Toys in the water, whether in the sea, outdoor pool or the bathtub - this is simply part of a great bathing fun. If you look at all beaches - worldwide - you immediately freeze with a guilty conscience, as you have probably misbehaved until now. Almost in every vacation and for many birthdays there is a new, "cheap" plastic baby bathtub toy for the water. Unfortunately, these items are so cheap in production that you just almost use them like disposables. You consume and throw them away and they remain on the beach. We at KORXX sleep bad with these pictures in our head and are pleased to be able to offer the ecological alternative to this environmental pollution.

Help us to save our planet and avoid plastic even with baby bathtub toys for the water. KORXX cork toys for water plastic free.

Toys for water play – Sustainability starts at home in the bathtub

Where, if not directly with us, in our garden, while shopping or in our own bathtub - That's exactly where each of us should start to do our part for a better, plastic-free world. Even if it seems so cheap at first to make a small gift - you should not and may discuss a gift with your aunt or grandpa to avoid another plastic toy for the bathtub. Long-lasting fun for the water is guaranteed with the KORXX cork toys for water play, which pays off not only now but also for the future of our children.Cork-watertoy-bathtub-toy

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