Building blocks for every child from cork

Children's toys come in a wide variety of shapes and functions. When buying toys, it should be ensured that the toy selected is age-appropriate. The age recommendations of the respective manufacturers serve as important and reliable sources for the decision-making. There are building blocks for every child - from the first grabbing and touching to building complex and stable constructions. By assembling and sorting out colourful building blocks, one’s dexterity and strategic skill are particularly trained. All these colourful building blocks also invite you along to play with creativity and limitless imagination.

Baby building blocks

Since birth, babies train their motor skills with help of building blocks and using them in a targeted manner. Large and handy blocks in different shapes and colours are perfect for your baby's first gripping exercises and throwing exercises. They also stimulate the sense of touch and, due to their size, pose no risk of swallowing. The Korxx building blocks are made of cork, which is light in weight and scientifically proven to be free of any harmful substances. The blocks can therefore be used by babies without hesitation.

Baby toys in the form of building blocks provide a lot of joy as well as fun and are the perfect companions for family trips to the playground, in the sandpit or even on vacation.

Building blocks for 1-year olds

Building blocks for toddlers from the age of 1 consist of several simple blocks that are easy to grab and stack. Children love large buildings that are easy and uncomplicated to construct, in order to tear them down again with great joy. Playing is very important for the child's development. Skills such as abstract thinking, creativity, mathematical intelligence and dexterity are improved and developed with appropriate toys. Placing building blocks correctly in the matching openings of a game box helps children with the understanding and perception of geometric shapes.

Building blocks for 1-year olds are one of the most popular and most creative toys alongside dolls, stuffed animals and other toys. They not only provide fun and joy when playing, but also educational aspects.

Building toys for 6-year olds

With different sets of building blocks for children from the age of 6, more complex constructions such as castles, houses, walls, pyramids or towers can be built. When dealing with building blocks, the children learn to hold the individual components steady with their fingers and to assemble them in a targeted manner.

Building kits promote children's abstract thinking by putting building blocks together according to a given system. They learn to think in the previously mentioned connections, to create links between individual components and functions as well as having a sense of achievement or the finished building in the end.

Playing with building blocks is not about strictly following guidelines and instructions. There are no limits to the creativity and imagination. Children come up with new ways of playing and game worlds. You can build fascinating structures and entire landscapes with the simplest geometric shapes.

Many children learn mathematical and scientific connections rather slowly. In this case, building blocks for children from the age of 6 can support this learning process. When building a tower from building blocks, the question of how the tower can be built even higher arises. This is achieved with the construction method of stacking large blocks at the bottom and smaller ones at the top. Thus, children learn the basics of statics and physics in a playful way.

Korxx building blocks for babies and children of all ages

Building blocks for all ages are used in all areas of life such as kindergartens, day nurseries, children's centres, birthdays and family celebrations with children. Building blocks for young and old invite you to explore and play. They are more than just a simple toy or a way of passing time. Age-appropriate children's building blocks contribute to the essential development of important skills. Therefore, they should be part of every child's room.

Discover our Korxx building blocks for babies, toddlers and children!

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