Long Big Block Colomn
Long Big Block Colomn
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Long Big Block – The giant building blocks The giant cork building blocks of KORXX are... more
Product information "Long Big Block Colomn"

Long Big Block – The giant building blocks

The giant cork building blocks of KORXX are significantly larger than the normal blocks. They are ideal for use in the garden, on grass, on the patio or in the nursery. Particularly suitable for for kindergartens and schools. They promise high construction creation and allow big playing fun. Giant cork building blocks enable old and young children, creating impressive buildings in a relatively short time. Giant building blocks are not about many details but about much volume. For example a tower, which is higher than the child itself is associated with a lot of fun to collapse. This is pure fun and with giant building blocks out of cork it isn’t dangerous.

The cork building blocks have beveled edges and polished surfaces.

Suitable for children from2 year. Proven to be free of pollutants and sustainable. It consists of special press cork material and is free of harmful substances (z.B.Phthalate, dioxins, formaldehyde).


  • 1 Block small 27 x 9 x 9 cm


All KORXX cork building blocks can be combined; the building blocks of Brickle series (mini’s – for mobilen usage) as the Big blocks (XL-building blocks) have a different size.

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