A maximum of creativity

To place one toy bloc on top of another requires attentiveness. Constructions might be a bit skewed at times but still seem to hold. After a while, little hands have built a magnificent castle.Amazing! Yet, the artist has something bigger in mind. Still in the drive, it only needed some short reflections to construct something even more impressive out of the splendid castle. A giant elephant enclosure maybe?

The power of imagination

Most toys are relatively constrained in the variety of their functions. Way too often children need to follow specific concepts or rules to play with these toys. There might be just one solution with one solution path. Important aspects like creativity and freedom of mind are neglected or only to a limited extent possible.
KORXX is convinced that we need to give children the freedom to be creative, to discover, and to find their own solutions when something becomes tricky. It is important to support them in a natural way. Therefore, the minimalist design of our KORXX toy blocs is ideal to afford your child with this freedom to let them achieve their own ideas (- a maximum of abstraction). The fun of playing eliminates any aforementioned borders.

Celebrate your child’s achievements

The highest level of creativity and inventiveness can be achieved by means of simple toys that are easy to grasp. Our KORXX toy blocs are not aimed at a specific goal. Instead, they can be used in multiple and very different ways. This way, your children have the liberty to construct castles, palaces, enclosures, pyramids, parking lots, and any other building that comes to their mind.
A significant advantage of our toy blocs? Success is imminent! The natural surface allows for stability, no matter how insecure the basis underneath might be. Accordingly, even the steepest tower can resist physical laws. In the event that a building actually collapses, there is still no need to worry since the toy blocs are soft and will not cause any damage or injuries.

Fun that knows no borders with KORXX

Let your children play freely and give their imagination full scope. If they decide to scrap their project, they have the chance to dive into a completely new fantasy – only this way extraordinary ideas are created, free of prejudice or limits from outside influences. With KORXX, children discover the world on their own.

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