How Korxx combines fun, environmental awareness and responsibility

Is the toy really harmless to our health? Is it free of harmful substances? Is it sustainable? All criteria– as well as the fun factor – fulfilled by Korxx.What makes a perfect toy? Of course, it should be fun! For children, this is without doubt their number one priority. Yet from a parent’s point of view, this is not the only factor in the decision-making process as there are also other important aspects.

Sustainability and naturalness

The term sustainability means protecting the environment and its precious resources. This is exactly what we do in various different ways. Our cork building blocks are free of plastic and are made solely from natural materials: to be exact from the bark of the cork oak. When the cork oak is harvested regularly, it will bond three times more CO2 than normal. This contributes to climate stability through a strong CO2 absorption factor. In addition, cork is 100% recyclable. All this makes Korxx an extremely sustainable product.

With our specific, modern and gentle manufacturing processes, we ensure to create a very natural cork material, which does not only protect the environment, but also the health of children playing with Korxx. All components used in the manufacturing of our building blocks are verified to be free of harmful substances. Our cork comes from certified forestry and we chose to use anti-allergenic paints that contain no softening agents, no heavy metals and have been tested according to the highest industrial standards. We produce a cork granulate that is not glued but compressed under high pressure with added heat – it couldn’t be more natural, sustainable and healthy.

A trustworthy premium toy

Many children’s toys regularly perform poorly when tested, as they might contain high levels of harmful substances and are then classified as unhealthy. We are convinced toys can be made differently and better!
We focus on sustainability and naturalness, because we want children to grow up in a carefree and safe environment. The result is our premium toy which parents can trust with a clear conscience.

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