The favourable manifoldness of cork

Why cork is particularly special

We use cork because of its almost infinite list of advantages. When playing with the finished toy blocs there are numerous characteristics increasing the fun experience, ensuring safety, and those characteristics that contribute to a more sustainable environment. Thus, it is self-evident that we have chosen this manifold material to produce our toy blocs.

With cork, creativity does not know any borders. It is even possible to build skewed and leaning constructions due to its abrasive surface. Yet, it is not just children that benefit from all these advantages. Parents can relax while their children are playing since cork is a soft and light material wherefore loud noises do not occur. The softness of the toy blocs furthermore reduces any risk of injuries. In addition, KORXX’s toy blocs are free of any contaminants, fireproof, water-repellent and dirt-resistant. In sum, cork is so to say destined for a child’s hands.
In no way less important is the fact that cork is a renewable natural material. Following the harvest, the bark of the cork oak regrows.

The distinctiveness of various cork products

The cork material we use to produce toy blocs is not comparable to the type of cork used in industry. In order to be suitable for its respective purpose, natural cork is complemented with different substances. However, KORXX cork is an individual material. The production process implies a special way of compressing the natural cork. Our fabrication method is characterised by an ideal synergy of time, heat, and pressure which treats the cork sensitively and keeps it free from any harmful contaminants.
Why the use of cork is a reasonable choice? The answer is its manifold nature that fuses all positive characteristics that we attach importance to: It is sustainable, natural, and environmentally friendly.

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