With KORXX you now have the opportunity to buy ecological bathtub toys and provide your children with play and fun that avoids plastic. KORXX relies on the sustainable, renewable material cork for all of its products. With cork as a natural material, KORXX offers a water-safe alternative as a bathtub toy. Plastic-free children's toys for the bathtub - the sustainable alternative from KORXX.
Amelie Klaffl Dipl. Waldorfpädagogin, Bildungswissenschaftlerin (BA)
Why stress reliever toys? What causes excessive pressure and stress to our children and what can we do to best overcome these challenges. Take the pressure off of our children with stress reliever toys, with less pressure to perform and more positive confirmation. A natural motivation to rediscover things and to shape them according to your ideas, that could be the way to enable our children to have a happy childhood. Learn better with stress relieving toys from KORXX!